Our MissionThe journey began in 2019 as a small idea for private use under a different name. In 2023, we rebranded and added new features with simplicity in mind. Today, priv.to stands as one of the most powerful tools of its kind - a tool to share notes with just one person.

With the existence and common usage of numerous messaging and note solutions, we are often forced to use just one of them. What may be important to you then quickly becomes irrelevant: privacy.

We believe that every person has an unalienable right to privacy, especially in our digital world today. With priv.to, you no longer have to worry about encryption or the safety of other services out there. You can continue to use your favorite solution and just send priv-links over that, without installing anything or ensuring that your recipient also has it.

Simply send the unique generated link to anyone, and they will be able to open and read it. After it's opened, the note will immediately delete itself, making the link invalid. This way, nobody has to worry about a message remaining forever until someone who is not authorized to see it gets to it.

Learn more about the technology behind this tool in the "How it works" section, or try it out and start creating your own secret one-time notes right away.